Cotton Clara

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Cotton Clara was one of the first clients of Odin E-Commerce. We started by offering low-budget ads for Chloe's Squarespace website, leveraging previous Facebook pixel data alongside advising on products to make content for.

We opted to scale up the most popular products using 'story-like' organic looking tutorial videos of the best selling embroidery kit. This also built up an additional instagram following, which not only aids in boosting brand awareness, a strong following can aid organic sales further down the line.

  • Squarespace ->¬†Shopify Migration
  • Site Re-Design
  • E-Commerce Conversion Optimization
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Video Creation

After the success of our Facebook ads campaign, Chloe agreed that the e-commerce side of her business needed to become more prominent, to be able to grow. Her website was previously a blog-centric Squarespace site with the shop being secondary. We worked with Ben of Defined Creative to re-design the homepage and then leveraged Shopify to be able to create a new website on a low budget.

The new website allowed Cotton Clara to see their biggest ever year-on-year growth during Q4 2019. This growth of brand and sales allows Cotton Clara to develop new and exciting products and ideas.

Ricky knows everything you need to know about E-commerce and has combined this with a real understanding of our business and customer to get us great results online. Whether its website building or ads I'd highly recommend Ricky.
Chloe - Owner, Cotton Clara
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