Meet Ricky

Ricky Odin has been working in commercial e-commerce for over 8 years, and while his beard may not be this impressive in real life, he has worked with a variety of clients over this time.

Having graduated from De Montfort University in 2011 with a BSc in Multimedia Computing, Ricky went on to work for Leicester College in their Marketing department, giving him his first taste of Marketing experience.

He then went on to be one of the founding employees of Ohh Deer, joining the founders and Sales Manager from a spare-bedroom office. Ohh Deer then went on to become a multi 7-figure brand over this period, including the launch of uniquely inspired subscription boxes, such as Papergang.

Inspired by seeing all of what goes into running a start-up first hand, Ricky took the plunge in 2019 and went self-employed. Renting a shared office space at Loughborough University, Ricky got to network with some innovative companies, such as Cotton Clara.


During his time working at Ohh Deer, Ricky managed several projects, including the Magento based, and Cratejoy based subscription box papergang. These websites were worked on from launch to scale, which gave Ricky an insight into the ups and downs of running an e-commerce startup.

Ricky has run a couple of his own brands, namely and as side-projects, to deeper learn more about e-commerce from a top-down managerial and ownership perspective. Both of these websites have shown profitable success in 2019-2020, using Facebook ads. These learned techniques and skills have been passed back on to Ricky's previous employer, Ohh Deer/Papergang on a consultancy and training basis, leading to phenomenal success for the company.